KENJUTSU is suitable for adults (18+) of any age. The art we practice is focused on choreographed forms with a partner. This traditional method of training helps the martial artist develop their skill by learning proper:

Timing Form
Distancing Technique

How To Join

IN our group, everyone learns at their own pace. This means you can start at any time. Please feel free to contact us or come in to watch a class. New students are always welcome!

Each class is approx 2 hours long, and the cost of each class is $25. Alternately, you can save money by signing up for a month of classes for $100. This gives you access to all Monday and Wednesday classes during that period.

Please see the schedule page for more details. Oakville Kenjutsu (Montreal) is a not-for-profit group. All class fees go towards space rental, equipment, and operating costs.


Classes are held at 5334 Avenue de Gaspé, Unit 317, Montréal, QC H2T 2A1, Canada. Please Follow these directions


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New Student FAQ

Q: What should I wear for my first class?

A: Ideally a martial arts GI or Gi/Hakima should be worn, however most new students don’t own this apparel. Instead, wear something comfortable. Track pants and a t-shirt would be perfect.

Q: Do I need to bring equipment?

A: When you first start, no, however it is expected that you will purchase your own equipment and uniform as you continue.

Q: Where can I buy a uniform or equipment

A: There are several places in Montreal that sell equipment, however you may want to order some of the equipment online.

The traditional uniform is a Dogi, Hakima, and Obi. At the minimum, you will need a white karate uniform and white belt.

For swords, we practice with Fukuro Shinai. These can be purchased or you can make it yourself.

Please see the equipment page for my recommendations, explore other equipment sites on the resources page, or contact me if you have questions.

Q: How dangerous is it?

A: Classes are very safe as we train using the traditional technique of choreographed forms. In the interest of safety, the class is only open to adults of 18 years and over.

Q: Am I fit enough to do this?

A: Absolutely! This is a non-competitive art focused on individual growth and excellence. Although there can be an aerobic element to the movements, the pace is not meant to be fast as the focus is on learning proper fighting techniques.

Q: I’m an actor. Will this be usable for stage or performance?

A: Although we are not a stage combat school, the nature of the training lends perfectly to staged combat. In fact, we’ve assisted in teaching workshops for actors before.

Q: Can I use this in a real sword fight?

A: The forms and concepts taught are traditional techniques developed by warriors with battlefield experience, however the focus of the class is not, and will never be, on live combat.

Q: What language is the class held in?

A: As I am a native English speaker, classes will be held in English. However as my French improves I will try and speak more French if possible. Having said that, martial arts are mostly learned through close observation, imitation, repetition, and finally contemplation. In this way, it is less important to understand what is said and more important to pay attention to what is happening.