Kajitsuka Sensei Demos

Kajitsuka Soke and members of Arakido demonstrating at the 2017 Meiji Jingu Embutaikai in Tokyo.

Kajitsuka Soke Demo 2017

A demonstration by Kajitsuka Soke from the Yagyu Village Gasshuku 2017.

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This video is from the Arikado Gasshuku Japan 2017 with Sensei Kajitsuka who graciously invited all the members of the association to participate in a 3 day training session in Yagyu Village. Sensei is shown here demonstrating San Gakuen and Kuka no Tachi.

This is Yasushi Kajitsuka’s Yagyu Shinkage ryu group demonstrating at the 2016 Asakusa Riverside embu. Sensei Kajitsuka was passed this lineage from Muto Masao, who was licensed by Shiho Otsubo. (2016)

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The demonstration of Yagyū Shinkage-ryū by Kajitsuka Soke at the Kumamoto Earthquake Relief Embutaikai (October 2016)

A demonstration at the Kashima Shrine in Japan by Kajitsuka Sensei and members of his organization for the Kashima Jingu Hono Embu Taikai in the 18th Year of Heisei (2006).

Tong Sensei Demos

Itto Ryo Dan – A Level

Zantei Settetsu – A Level

Hankai Hanko – A Level

Usen Saten – A Level

Chotan Ichimi – A Level


Itto Ryo Dan – B Level

Zantei Settetsu – B Level

Hankai Hanko – B Level

Usen Saten – B Level

Chotan Ichimi – B Level

Our Demos

A video from the OTAKUTHON demonstration. In this video we perform San Gakuen (A level) in a smooth and more organic manner.

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Otakuthon 2017

More to come

More to come