Kajitsuka Sensei hosts Seminar

I was deeply honoured to be able to participate in a seminar with headmaster Kajitsuka Sensei on Canada Day weekend. Thank you Sensei Kajitsuka for taking the time to come to Canada and teaching us, and thank you Sensei Tong for all your hard work arranging and organizing it.

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Demo at Phenix Encore

I had the priviledge of holding a kenjutsu demo at the opening of the Phenix Encore Dojo in Châteauguay. Thank you Sensei Luneau for the invitation!

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New Study Group in Montreal

I am please to announce that a training group will be starting in Montreal around the Plateau area. The training times will be at 8pm – 10pm and located here: If you’re interested in joining us, please contact me on facebook, email, or come by the studio. If you come by, please show up …

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